Passion. Dedication. Expertise. These are all attributes that describe the team behind 10pastTEN. Born out of a love for vintage watches, this site is the culmination of years of hard work, aiming to bring to you the very best selection of vintage Rolex timepieces available anywhere. Whether it’s your first Submariner that you aim to acquire, or perhaps a rare Oyster Paul Newman Daytona, we can help you realize your dream watch.


Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 6542 "Ultra Tropical Dial"

REF. 6542

Wow. This is a watch that needs to be seen to be believed. There are no superlatives in the English language that can effectively describe the beauty of this piece. Featuring a ultra brown caramel tone dial and original bakelite bezel insert, this is truly a stunner. This is the ultimate GMT, and would bee the centerpiece of any advanced collection. We have yet to see another so beautiful, and not sure when we'll see another like it.

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Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 "Box and Papers"

REF. 5513

A simply beautiful looking matte dial Submariner featuring absolutely beautiful orange patina. The watch was found from the original owner complete with an inner and outer box, blank guarantee booklet, 200m anchor, as well as Submariner "Cigarette Box" card. An exemplary example of a simple Rolex icon.

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Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 "Box and Papers"

REF. 1675

A very clean example of the always desirable 1675 GMT-Master, this one features a very complete "set". Double punched papers, original brochure, and even the outside box sticker! The well faded bezel insert makes a great contrast with he rich black color of the MK1 "Long L" dial. A real winner.

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Rolex Ref. 1675 GMT-Master "Gilt Chapter Ring"

REF. 1675

A really "WOW" example of the early 1675 Chapter Ring GMT-Master. With some reluctance, we are offering up this amazing specimen. Ticking all the boxes, this watch features a beautifully aged bezel, killer gilt glossy dial, and curves and edges that would make a Jaguar E-Type jealous. This is one not to be missed!

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An expert on all things Tudor, Ross Povey has quickly become one of the go to guys to contact when you've got a question about that peculiar engraving on the back of your Tudor, or anything about your Tudor for that matter. Based in the UK and an academic during business hours, Ross has been an invaluable asset to the vintage Rolex community, helping navigate complicated deals and making sure the VRM is a safe place to buy and sell. Other horological pursuits include, a Tudor-centric informational site. A friend indeed to the entire collectors community, he is this week's Horological Minute.
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