Passion. Dedication. Expertise. These are all attributes that describe the team behind 10pastTEN. Born out of a love for vintage watches, this site is the culmination of years of hard work, aiming to bring to you the very best selection of vintage Rolex timepieces available anywhere. Whether it’s your first Submariner that you aim to acquire, or perhaps a rare Oyster Paul Newman Daytona, we can help you realize your dream watch.


Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 6542 "Original Bakelite"

REF. 6542

Here we have a beautiful example of a 6542 acquired from the original owner. Having lived a charmed life for almost 60 years, this watch retains all its original attributes, including an uncracked bakelite bezel insert. The original gilt dial is showing some age, but has incredible strong and rich gold colored printing. With similar bezels alone bringing close to $30k, this is a great watch to have!

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Rolex GMT- Master "Nipple Dial" in 18k

REF. 16758

The best of both worlds! With a vintage looking nipple dial but a more contemporary sapphire crystal, the 16758 is a great watch that bridges the divide between vintage and modern. Accompanied by its original oyster rivet band in 18k gold, this is a truly wonderful piece. The watch has recently been overhauled, and is keeping time.

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Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand

REF. 1655

Wow! What a crisp example of one of the most iconic sports watches of the 1970s! This example of the iconic "Freccione" is the epitome of what collectors look for in a vintage piece. Sharp edges, beautifully patina'd indexes and hands, and a beuatiful bright 24 hour hand. Handled carefully its entire life, the watch is accompanied by an original Explorer booklet in Japanese, as well as various service documents kept by the original owner.

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Rolex Sea-Dweller "Great White"

REF. 1665

The classic definition of "the Dive Watch", the 1665 exemplifies what it means to be a tool watch. Rugged good looks and a historical pedigree are an unbeatable combo! This particular example has model like good looks with beautifully aged luminous and hands, as well as its original super-dome crystal.

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The Horological Minute
feat. Julien Schaerer
This week, we bring to you an interview with watch expert and vintage Rolex lover Julien Schaerer. Julien has established himself as an auction industry veteran as he is now in his tenth year at Antiquorum, holding the position of Managing Director. Based in Geneva, Julien previously was stationed in New York where he presided over the Rolex Revolution sale- a watershed moment in the vintage Rolex world. A seasoned world traveller, Julian regularly leads sales in New York, Geneva and Hong Kong. Having auctioned off nearly every Rolex imaginable, Julien is a true and passionate aficionado for the brand, and we're glad to have him as this week's Horological Minute.
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