Passion. Dedication. Expertise. These are all attributes that describe the team behind 10pastTEN. Born out of a love for vintage watches, this site is the culmination of years of hard work, aiming to bring to you the very best selection of vintage Rolex timepieces available anywhere. Whether it’s your first Submariner that you aim to acquire, or perhaps a rare Oyster Paul Newman Daytona, we can help you realize your dream watch.


Rolex Submariner "Tulip Crown" 2-Line Gilt Chapter Ring Dial

REF. 5512

An excellent example of an early 5512, this particular watch is characterized by its irregular shaped coronet, hence its name. Made for a very short period of time, this watch has a truly impressive look with its greenish lume and faded bezel. This particular example has a beautiful dial that is very glossy and has very little surface wear.

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Rolex Explorer I

REF. 1016

The quintessential Rolex, this Explorer I exudes all the charm and character that we love about vintage Rolex. An original domed crystal, nice patinated dial and a crisp case- what else can you ask for?

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Rolex "White" Submariner

REF. 1680

An early example of a "White" 1680, this watch has a beautiful dial with very light patina and matching hands. The perfect watch for that weekend getaway, or for making your Mondays at the office go quicker.

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Rolex GMT-Master

REF. 1675

A nicely patina'd example of a plastic crystal GMT, this watch has tremendous eye appeal with its creamy patina and warmly aged bezel. Recently serviced, the watch is ready to enjoy.

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The Horological Minute
feat. Mr. P AKA. "1665 Collector"
This week we're featuring a collector known to many of you on IG as "1665Collector". Based somewhere in Europe, Mr. P (As his friends call him), has a very tightly curated collection of watches primarily focused on Submariners and Sea-Dwellers. A true aficionado of dive watches, Mr. P has nearly every configuration of Rolex diving classics from the basic subs to many of the exotic SD variations. We're pleased that he has made time for us this week, to share some of his thoughts about these watches we love, and to give us a glimpse into his collection.
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