Passion. Dedication. Expertise. These are all attributes that describe the team behind 10pastTEN. Born out of a love for vintage watches, this site is the culmination of years of hard work, aiming to bring to you the very best selection of vintage Rolex timepieces available anywhere. Whether it’s your first Submariner that you aim to acquire, or perhaps a rare Oyster Paul Newman Daytona, we can help you realize your dream watch.


Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand "Top Quality"

REF. 1655

Wow! Another amazing time capsule "Textbook Example" brought to you by 10 Past Ten. A very pleasing and matching patina, coupled with a rich orange toned 24 hour hand make this carefully worn example one of the finest 1655s we've seen in a while. Razorblade edges!!

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Rolex Submariner Non-Date "Meters First"

REF. 5513

No frills here, just a really honest beautiful and original condition Submariner non-date. Chronologically one of the latest to feature at meters first dial, this particular example is all original down to its domed crystal and original twinlock crown.

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Rolex Submariner Gilt Dial Non-Date "Bart Simpson"

REF. 5513

Gilt goodness! Another stunner! A great and charming example of a 5513 gilt "Bart Simpson" dial. A great example both to wear and to collect.

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Rolex Explorer Gilt Dial "Super Precision"

REF. 5500

Here's a great example of an uncommon 5500 Explorer. Slightly smaller than a 1016 (34mm), this is a great looking and under appreciated watch. Original glossy gilt dial and beautiful matching hands make this watch a real charmer.

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The Horological Minute
feat. Fremstar
If one browses watches on Instagram, chances are you follow this guy. A well rounded collector who's appreciation runs the gamut from vintage Rolex to modern masters, Sam approaches collecting with an eye for "the look" as well as an appreciation for history behind a brand. He is this week's HM interview.
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